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Bitnomica -
Makers of Lifeshare

Our Lifeshare technology offers a solution for smartphone users, a radical new experience compared to the traditional video streaming and on-demand systems.

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Lifeshare -
Social Video PaaS
A platform which enables brands, events and publishers to engage real time with their audience.
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Unveil the Power of Customization with Our White Label Solutions
Introducing our White Label solutions, elevating your brand's identity with custom artwork, including logos and color schemes. Enjoy generous storage hosting up to 150 GB and streaming capabilities of 2 TB per month. Manage up to 15 distinct channels or brand names, and ensure optimal video playback with automated transcoding to MP4/WebM and selectable play out qualities. Stay engaged with your audience through push notifications to iOS devices and gain insights with our detailed statistics.
Discover the Future of Digital Interaction with Lifeshare
Explore a realm of content with Lifeshare, where you can effortlessly browse new, popular, and trending videos. Our Vidacle Interactive Player ensures a captivating viewing experience. Stay updated by 'following' channels, share moments on major social platforms, and enjoy a tailored experience with user profiles and easy account management.
Master Your Content with Lifeshare's Management Tools
Harness the power of Lifeshare's intuitive management interface, designed to streamline your content operations. Dive deep into performance metrics with our comprehensive statistics dashboard. Seamlessly integrate and upload content using our web-based ingest module, and gain advanced capabilities with access to the Lifeshare ingest SDK.
1. Real-time in-app editing & publish instantly. Private or open Once new videos are added, followers will get notifications.
2. Add multiple live video shots in one video story & invite your friends or colleagues to contribute their videos.
3. Embedding videos in your website has never been so easy.
1. Watch an episode of multiple (and collaborative) videos from your friends as if it were a film.
2. Swipe though the videos or use the cursor for seamless navigation & no buffering.
3. Follow users, (branded) channels or vlogs, like their videos and share on twitter, facebook & whatsapp.
Lifeshare -
Core Features
Lifeshare Social Video platform offers smartphone users a radical new user experience compared to the traditional video streaming and on-demand systems.
Vidicrowd -
Empowered by Lifeshare
Vidicrowd, a pioneering Tech Sport Company, is revolutionizing the way we experience data-driven social video. With a vision to deliver live, compelling, and inspiring content to clubs and fans globally, Vidicrowd operates on the robust PAAS Lifeshare platform. This state-of-the-art technology, crafted by Bitnomica and rooted in the esteemed University of Technology in Delft, specializes in social video. Dive into the world of Vidicrowd and witness how the synergy of Lifeshare technology and Vidicrowd's passion brings unparalleled video experiences to the 'next generation'.