Bitnomica develops social video& VR  technology for millions of people, their friends, (sport)teams, publishers and brands.

Join us in our mission to unlock the full potential of mobile videos. We are looking for developers and content makers to create new concepts and awesome technology. We will launch our APIs and SDKs soon.
Development of LifeShare Social Video PaaS
Use Cases & POCs
LifeShare developers community

Our LifeShare Social Video platform offers smartphone users a radical new user experience compared to the traditional video streaming and on-demand systems.

  1. Add multiple live video shots in one episode & invite your friends or colleagues to contribute their videos
  2. Real-time in-app editing & publish instantly. Private or open Once new videos are added, followers will get notifications
  3. Embedding videos in your website has never been so easy
  1. Watch an episode of multiple (and collaborative) videos from your friends as if it were a film
  2. Swipe though the videos or use the cursor. Seamless navigation & no buffering …
  3. Follow users, (branded) channels or vlogs, like their videos and share on twitter, facebook & whatsapp
Vidacle is the easiest social video app for you, your friends, and millions of people to create and share your stories together. At your fingertips, realtime and in the cloud.
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