Lifeshare: social video PaaS

The powerful and easy to use B2B social mobile video platform
We provide brands, publishers, events, venues etc. the most exciting engagement solution for real time social mobile video. Lifeshare is a platform which enables brands, events, publishers to engage real time with there audience.


  • Content Browsing: New, Popular, Trending & Tags
  • Searching: Based on title, description, tags
  • Vidacle Interactive Player: Swipeable player
  • ‘Follow’ Channels: get updates by push notifications
  • Social Sharing: whatsApp, facebook,twitter
  • ‘Like’ videos
  • User Login & Account Creation
  • User Profile


  • White Label App for iOS, based on Vidacle iOS Application (version February 2016)
  • White Label Web Application, based on Vidacle Web Application (version February 2016)
  • Custom Brand Artwork (Logo, Colors)
  • Storage Hosting: max 150 GB, additional pricing applies if limit is reached).
  • Streaming Limit max 2 TB / mo., additional pricing applies if limit is reached
  • 15 Channels / Brand Names
  • Automated Transcoding to MP4 / WebM
  • Different play out qualities (high, low)
  • Push notifications to iOS
  • Statistics

Content Management

  • Management Interface
  • Statistics Dashboard
  • Access to Lifeshare ingest SDK
  • Web-based ingest module

Development Platform

  • IOS App Development Framework
  • Web Application Development Framework