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The Vidacle team has created a forum on Slack. In this forum we want to engage with users, get feedback and work jointly on developing the coming Vidacle VR release.

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We are looking for entrepreneurial developers to join us to develop world’s leading user generated VR platform

Awesome! We have started developing VR/360 functionality to our cutting edge social video platform LifeShare. We are looking for entrepreneurial developers, students and UX designers to join us to develop world’s leading user generated VR platform for IOS, android and web. For more information, please contact Jacco Taal via

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Free trial – use Vidacle at your event

LiveShare for events

The new LiveShare social video platform is developed for sports, events and collaborative vlogging. In-app editing and instant publishing gives any smartphone user the possibility to share video stories. Just by yourself or together with others. This way a sports game can be recorded from multiple angels by different users who jointly create a social video. Followers instantly get  push notifications of new videos added as the story develops. Compared to live streaming, we believe in live but curated.

Free trial – use Vidacle at your event

The next step in developing the LiveShare social video platform is to create a seamless integration with big screens at events. See what’s happing. Dozens of micro videos will tell stories about how your visitors experience the event. The above video shows a Vidacle test some 2 months ago at the big screen in De Meern. We are currently selecting 5 events and stadions to further test Vidacle. Should you be interested in using Vidacle at your event, please contact us for a free trial with 24/7 support during the event.

Contact us for free Vidacle trial with 24/7 support at your event

New Vidacle release in App Store

We have been working hard to present some fantastic features to you. The long expected In-app Recorder can finally, after many requests, be introduced, along with a new way to browse everything that is happening on Vidacle with the refurbished Explore function and advanced privacy settingsfor episodes. And last but-not-least: the player now remembers where you left, so now it is much easier to get just the updates.

Keep scrolling to check out these amazing features, and don’t forget to keep on sharing your awesome experiences with each other and the community!

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Launch Vidicrowd in App Store

The Vidicrowd has been working for month to launch the Vidicrowd app in the App Store. The next months, the Vidicrowd platform will be tested at a number of sports clubs.

Launch Vidacle in the AppStore

Vidacle is been launched in the AppStore. Read the first Vidacle newsletter.

Bitnomica at Cannes Lions 2016 with ‘Onthoudt die Naam’

The Bitnomica team visited together with Onthoudt die Naam the Cannes Lions 2015. See the Onthoudt die Naam Vidacle vlog on the festival.