LiveShare for events

The new LiveShare social video platform is developed for sports, events and collaborative vlogging. In-app editing and instant publishing gives any smartphone user the possibility to share video stories. Just by yourself or together with others. This way a sports game can be recorded from multiple angels by different users who jointly create a social video. Followers instantly get  push notifications of new videos added as the story develops. Compared to live streaming, we believe in live but curated.

Free trial – use Vidacle at your event

The next step in developing the LiveShare social video platform is to create a seamless integration with big screens at events. See what’s happing. Dozens of micro videos will tell stories about how your visitors experience the event. The above video shows a Vidacle test some 2 months ago at the big screen in De Meern. We are currently selecting 5 events and stadions to further test Vidacle. Should you be interested in using Vidacle at your event, please contact us for a free trial with 24/7 support during the event.

Contact us for free Vidacle trial with 24/7 support at your event