Vidacle started some 2 years ago as a spin-off from Bitnomica based on the view that the future of mobile video is all about telling stories, increasing relevance and creating engagement.

At the time, Bitnomica (a video streaming technology company founded by Jacco Taal and Toon Branbergen) was a research partner in the EU funded project called STEER (Social Telemedia Environment for Experimental Research) which is part of the larger FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) project of the EU. During this project Bitnomica developed the basis of the Vidacle video platform which is highly scalable, multi-channel, and designed from the onset to tackle the challenges of mobile video. It allows the Vidacle team for rapid development and experimentation.

In Vidacle personal mobile video will be organized around micro events and small groups: family, friends, school, work and events. For these micro events and small groups, we believe that through video stories we will experience, share and respond to what is happing. Within these groups Vidacle enables participation, engagement and co-creatorship through channels, stories and episodes.

The content in Vidacle is easily curated and creates a live experience: it’s happening right now and it’s always in the cloud available in your own timeline. Trending or interesting content will pop up from these micro events, and can be published on social networks locally, nationwide or even worldwide. Premium brands, big events, publishers and vloggers can set up their own branded channels.

We believe in utmost simple features and UX whilst using Vidacle

  • easy swiping through video’s

  • automatic stories based on location and time

  • collaborative stories from two to a million of camera’s are at your fingertips

… and of course, smart algorithms, #tags, cloud-based storage and a robust technical platform are the bedrock to make this happen.

A ‘Vidacle’ can be delivered instantly to any mobile device, tablet, desktop, TV or digital outdoor screen.